Introduction #1 - FREE PIZZA SERVER !!

You can read brief history of how I know Minetest here.

On 17 November 2016 around 5AM, since I have new mobile internet which is less expensive and better signal, I tried to play Minetest in multiplayer for the first time, and the first server I went to is FREE PIZZA SERVER !!. At here, I'm going to write some general information and a few brief details on the server.

Why is it first?
I went there first because of its name... At here in real life, pizza is very expensive and we only eat it in some occasions, maybe like once in two months unless you're rich enough to eat it everyday. Even though it's just a game, I wonder how it is when pizza is free, so I just check it out.

Quick info (edited on April 2017)
FREE PIZZA SERVER !! has a quick introduction on the owner's website here. Basically, it is reusing an old discontinued server called FREE PIZZA SERVER (without exclamation marks) with a new map and updated mods. The old map is still available through separate server called Free PIZZA. The forum thread is here and discontinued server's forum thread is here.

The Spawn Area, and board of rules
Another notice board not far from spawn
Wow... that's a lot of mods installed! xD
Maybe I should go to that channel later...

The spawn area is so lag, but I think that's normal as I'm playing on phone, not tablet nor computer. I went to mine resources as I want to make a house, but I couldn't get free area to build house and gave up on the server after a few hours of searching free areas. However, the pizza is delicious. :D