Introduction #2 - Liberty Land

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You can read brief history of how I know Minetest here.

On 17 November 2016 around 6AM, after an hour I play on FREE PIZZA SERVER !! where I wrote another article earlier, I decided that I want to go to some other server before going back there. I looked around the server list and decided to go to Liberty Land.

What attracted me this time?
This time, it's still because of the name. Liberty Land reminds me to Liberty City so I actually thought maybe there's element of liberty and some vice in there. Well, once I join in, I found the rules board and yes, there's many rules on the server as expected from its name.
The rules board
Quick info
Liberty Land on is the continuation of the server on The map was imported from the old server. Many new players joined them in the last months. Many beautiful buildings and structure were built. The world map was limited to 4500 blocks, which might be quite small, but there's no depth limit. Liberty Land's forum thread is here, there's also world map at here and an official video here.

What's that censored images?
One of the rules is to hide chat while filming, I'm not sure if I should hide them while screenshot because the rules specifically wrote "film" which would mean record moving videos, not taking still screenshots, but to be safe I've censored all chats inside the screenshots from this server. Also they should know that players on mobile devices can't hide chats unless they use USB keyboard like me and press F2, because there's no option to hide chat in the on-screen toggles of Android Minetest (not sure about iPad).

More images!
There's also a tutorial board for new players!
Continuation of the tutorial board.
Random building that I passed by.
The shop system that they use on the server.
In front of Pseudolikian's Mine since we can't take pictures inside.
After a few hours of walking, I still could not find unowned land so I gave up and returned to FREE PIZZA SERVER !! to continue playing there.

UPDATED ON 23 APRIL 2017: I've returned to the server, and with the help of Evilvy I get an unowned land and claimed it. Evil is also there with Evilvy on the time. I'll update after I gets back to finish my house there.