Translating Minetest Wiki to Malay (& creating new English pages)

Those who actually read my signature in Minetest forum and regularly clicked them might noticed that I've put a link to my contribution page of Minetest Wiki, before I edit the link to this article.

For those of you who still don't know, I've just got the account to edit Minetest official wiki. I'm currently translating the Wiki pages to Malay and it will take time as I still need to balance the time used between translations, playing on several servers, making mods, and break times.

At here, I'm going to list out all pages of official Minetest Wiki that I've translated to Malay. The English Wiki is after the dates whereas the translated Malay Wiki is inside parentheses. You can view up-to-date list directly on my contribution page, this list is for those who gets confused with the contribution page layout.

Update: I've also started a few English pages that was not existed in the official Wiki. You could now support me on Patreon.

This is the new up-to-date list generated using PHP by fetching my contribution page:
The old outdated manually written list is hidden here: